1.0 In this Agreement, the Client shows an interest to travel to an overseas country for visit, tour, work or studies, while GT Travel Consult Ltd is a consulting organisation that promises to provide guided consultancy service in aid of traveling outside the country. GT Travel Consult Ltd is not linked to or operate on behalf of any embassy, consulate or visa application authority and hereby act as a private travel consultant and do hereby charge the client the following

1.1 Consultation Fee

1.2 Application Fee

1.3. Visa Application Fee

1.4. Biometric Taking Fees

1.5. Service Charge Or Offer/Package Cost

1.6. And any other cost that may be incurred to acquire the right documents and consultation to help facilitate the visa application.

1.7. The total cost  from the above shall be paid by the client to GT Travel Consult Ltd by cash, bank or electronically as stated on an invoice issued to him/her. 

2.0 Non-Refund Policy

The client agrees that not all money paid can be refunded as it has been spent to work on his/her offer and has agreed not to call for a refund under the following condition:

2.1 The client in his/her own will, decided not to continue the application process.

2.2 The client in his/her own will or excuse refuse to show up for the biometric or interview at the visa application centre or the embassy.

2.3 All initial deposit for documentation, visa fee and other consultancy fees ends the moment the client receives a confirmed appointment letter to the embassy or visa application centre, whether he/she decides to honour the appointment or not. the purpose for the fees paid has been completed.

2.4 Visa application fees, ones paid to the embassy is not refundable even should you decide not to continue, cancel or be refused a visa.

2.5 Documentation fees such as medicals, police report, and others are not refundable even when visa is refused.

2.5 Consultation and Application forms fees once paid is not refundable under any conditions

2.6 Under the discretion of the embassy or consulate a visa is refuse without the reason been linked to any of the services provide by GT Travel Consult Ltd.

2.7 When the client is unable to make payment on time to assist his application.

2.8 There is no refund for form application, consultation service fee and visa application fees, refunds shall be calculated on documentation fees and offer package cost if any..

3.0 Refund Policy

GT Travel Consult Ltd agrees that he will process a refund of Ghc5000 on documentation fees above USD1500 or it cedis equivalent and Ghc10,000 documentation fees above USD4000 or it cedis equivalent within a 90 working days, if visa is refused with reason linked to GT Travel Consult Ltd under the following conditions.

3.1. If by the fault or error of GT Travel Consult Ltd, the client was refused appointment to the embassy or visa application centre.

3.2. If GT Travel Consult Ltd couldn’t provide the right documents to assist the clients in processing his/her visa application.

3.3. Refunds shall be calculated on documentation fees and offer package cost only if any..

3.4. Refunds Percentage shall be subjected to GT Travel Consult Ltd discretion.

4.0 Payment Terms and Conditions

4.1. Full payment for all clients and Agents for the documentation, visa application, consultation fee, Visa Application Fee, biometric Taking Fees

4.2. Client shall abide by the payment term agreed by both parties during the application form.

5.0. Others Terms and Conditions 

5.1 Clients coming through an unregistered GT Travel Consult Ltd shall deal and be handled by such agents according to his/her own terms of condition outside this one, GT Travel Consult Ltd shall deal with the agent solely on this agreement and shall not interfere or be responsible for whatever transaction or agreement that takes place bet 

 5.2. Client shall make him/herself available in person for all appointments, presentation, training at the office, embassy and any other official meetings.

5.5.Visitation to the office shall solely be based on appointment. Call the office to book and confirm your appointment before coming to the office.

5..6. GT Travel Consult Ltd is not an embassy, neither is he the final decision maker or an agent to any embassy and does not issue or present a visa directly or indirectly on behalf of the embassy.

5.7. GT Travel Consult Ltd is only responsible for providing assistance, guidance, counselling and documentation assistance for the solicitation of a valid visa successfully.

5.8. GT Travel Consult Ltd shall in no way be held responsible, accountable or dragged to a jurisdiction, if or should the embassy in its own discretion denies or refuses any client visa or entry to his/her agreed destination country.

5.9. GT Travel Consult Ltd shall in no way be held responsible if by any way, action or doing of the client is denied or refused visa or entry to his/her agreed destination country.

5.10. The client agrees to the knowledge that, GT Travel Consult Ltd will be creating, drafting, forging, writing and filling forms and this has been done by humans, and therefore human errors are likely to occur. GT Travel cannot be sued for such peccadillo by clients.